Thursday, 12 March 2015

Part Dos ----- The Resort

After our few days in the mountains off we went to spend 5 days at a resort.

Before breakfast walks on the beach

Finding the perfect spot to sit and relax for the rest of the morning
Lunches and mojitos
Naps in the afternoon

A swim in the ocean before supper (well not me cuz I'm a wimp when it comes to the water)
Supper under the stars

We did hire a car and do a canopy walk  and there may have been a bit of birding,
and do a bit of shopping at a local Farmer's Market.

We had a fantastic driver and took us to a terrific lil restaurant for cervezas and a Panamanian lunch.

Stay tuned for part tres .....



  1. Looked like a great mix of wilderness and luxury :)

  2. Iain must have been in his glory 'birding'. Sounds wonderful and love all the lushness of it all.
    Cute photos of everyone.