Thursday, 19 March 2015

Hola Part Tres

After saying good bye to Rick and Chris
Paul, Elsa, HB ,and I spent the next 2 days in a Radisson about half hour from the airport.
What a lovely spot to end the holiday.
There was a butterfly house

And lots more birding to be done.
I think by this stage I was ready to stop and enjoyed doing nothing.

Well we did spend a day at the Panama Canal

There was a 3D presentation about the history

I mean c'mon you can't go to Panama and not see it.

It is  quite an amazing feat and still more construction making it even more efficient --- at least that is what "they " are all saying.
Of course no pictures will do this justice

Then it was time to head home after 15 days of sunshine and 32.

The last Margaritas at the airport  Margaritaville

We were excited to sleep in our own bed BUT not so much for the cold and -15........

...adios for now

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