Saturday, 3 January 2015

Daphne's First Christmas!

OMG Daphne's first Christmas!!! It was so much fun and so exciting for all of us!

Everything goes on the head.

Daddy's little hockey player.

Took him a while but this is the moment he realized he got an executive golf membership for Christmas. Hashtag spoiled.

She really got the hang of grabbing and ripping the paper in only a few minutes.

Her haul. Lot's of clothes and noisy toys!

Had some yummy rice cereal for lunch. She's still getting the hang of it. Most of it ended up on Nona's hand and lap...and Shelley licked up the rest.

Tuckered after a long busy morning!

Daphne helping out with dinner. She was on the edge by this point.

So tired. She was a trooper during the day but put up quite a fuss right before sleepy time.

But we all had a super day!

--Siobhan xo


  1. She's so adorable. Love that she hauled in lots of loot. Dinner looked yummy but with all the good cooks there, I expected nothing less. Glad you had a happy Christmas with Miss D. Deb

  2. What an adorable, happy baby. I just now found your old post on your old blog referring us to this site. I'm so happy I discovered that or I'd be losing touch with you and I would hate for that to happen. What a nice idea - a mother/daughter combined blog. Will look forward to coming posts.