Thursday, 8 January 2015

Holy @#$% its Cold

We are in a deep freeze here in South Eastern Ontario.
I am cocooning in the house only
 venturing out to top bird feeders and water.

Bird Suet Recipe

Melt 1 cup Peanut butter and  1 cup lard
Add 2 cups corn meal. 1 cup white flour.
One third cup sugar.
2 cups quick cooking oats.
I added a small handful of peanuts. And craisins. And bird seed.
I lined muffin tins with plastic wrap and then popped the pan in the freezer.
Pop in freezer bags and TA DA treats for the birds.

This is the time for slow cooker like meals.
Tonight it is Asian pork and peppers.
Cut up .500 kg of pork shoulder into 2 inch pieces (yes I am bi polar when it comes to measurements)
Mix half cup low salt soy sauce and the same with dark brown sugar.
One teaspoon of sesame oil.
Half teaspoon chili flakes.
Two tablespoons rice vinegar.
Throw it all in a pot or a slow cooker and let it cook away for 4 to 5 hours.
When ready to serve slice 2 red peppers into strips.
Add a handful of snow peas or frozen green beans. Let ir simmer about 10 minutes.
Serve with soba noodles . Garnished with sesame seeds and peanuts.
I can tell you its smells delicious

 Stay warm all

Ciao for now


  1. Thanks for this, Susan. I'm going to make some for the Manotick eating-machines.

  2. You have the best clothes-line in town. :)

  3. Your pictures are so pretty. We're freezing down in Wisconsin too.