Sunday, 11 January 2015

Sleeping Like A Baby

My girl is a terrible sleeper. She's a distracted eater, fussy when she's playing and a light sleeper.

Naps are usually only taken on mom. I can feed her and she will pass out on my lap. If I move she is awake pretty fast, and she gets uncomfortable fast when she falls asleep on a shoulder.

It was almost 2 months before she started sleeping long stretches at night. I had a c section with a, lets say...less than speedy recovery, so adjusting myself to feed her every 1.5- 2 hours at night was painful.

She finally started sleeping from 7pm-11pm just after she turned 2 month old. That was lovely.

Did I mention she will ONLY sleep if she is swaddled tightly.

She is so friggin' strong though. She can burst out the top of swaddler very easily. Which of course wakes her up. She wakes up when the sleep sheep turns off after 45 minutes. She wakes up the first 3 times the Jocelyn (what we call her soother) falls out of her mouth.

The last few nights she has started doing this back flexing foot stomping business while we try to get her to sleep.It terrifies me that this means she doesn't want to be swaddled anymore. AHHHHH.

So tonight we make the horrific decision to try to put her to bed un-swaddled. And it's not so bad, so far. She was fussy when she went upstairs, which she always is. And she has woken up once when the sleep sheep turned off, as always. But she has been asleep for 3 consecutive hours now and I am calling this a win! Parenting success! I guess she was ready and willing to sleep without being a burrito.

My baby is growing up. Next week she's going to get a job and learn to drive.

- SIobhan xo


  1. She's so adorable, Siobhan. Oh, don't even think that. It happens way too fast. Deb

    1. I don't want her to grow up, but it seems to be happening without my consent!

  2. Hi there....your Mom made me come over!
    My daughter swaddled my granddaughter 4EVER!
    It was difficult to am glad you are breaking the dependency early....
    She is a sweetheart! You look like you are having a blast!
    Linda :o)

    1. Thank you! She is a blast!
      I'm glad were breaking it early, she was pretty dependent on it!
      Look forward to reading your blog!