Wednesday, 7 January 2015

New Exersaucer!

Daphne doesn’t LOVE too many things. She really seems to love crying (hah) and being held by mom. But one thing she certainly likes is her Exersaucer.

We got one for free through a mommy group I am a part of on Facebook. She loves bouncing around in it watching whoever is around. So for a late Christmas present we went and got her a new high tech fangled Exersaucer. 

TADA! It’s much quieter than its 10 year old predecessor and has many more toys. Lots of songs and sounds and lights. Really blows her mind. We got it during a boxing week sale so we got about $70 off. Good deal.

Our first full day having it she was probably in it a totally of 2 hours (in 30 minute spurts). That was four 30 minute breaks where mom was able to clean bottles, dust tables, and have lunch. Great investment. And the old one we got for free gets a new home at Nona and Bapa's. 

--Siobhan xo