Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Homemade is Best

Here are a few of the wee ones suet attracts.
Check Our January 8th blog for the  Super Suet recipe.
This stuff is from the grocery store.
I have done an experiment of putting the grocery stuff out and the homemade .
As with most things HOMEMADE WINS!!!!

Of course having a water source attracts a lot of guys.
At some points this winter we have had upwards of 12 mourning doves at once in the bath.

What have you been spotting in your backyard?


  1. Nice photos, Sue. I'll see today how the Manotick birds like the home-made suet. Thanks for the recipe. .

  2. Great photos! I don't have many birds here it seems!

  3. I had lots of red polls, chickadee, wrens, nut-hatch, blue-jay, mourning dove and a wood-pecker. They love the suet.